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RFJ van der Sandt Libels Gerald Joe Moreno

RFJ van der Sandt Libels Gerald Joe Moreno

Reinier van der Sandt (who was recently exposed for massive copyright infringement) is the webmaster and registrant for the largest Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba domains on the world wide web. Reinier van der Sandt owns and operates around twenty known Anti-Baba websites, webpages, blogs and/or groups.

On February 22nd 2010, Reinier van der Sandt (the “ExBaba Admin”) officially came forward and publicly libeled Gerald Joe Moreno as being “sexually abused” by Sathya Sai Baba ( When the webmaster and registrant for the largest Anti-Baba domains has the temerity to publicly disperse fabricated and fraudulent sexual abuse allegations against Gerald Joe Moreno, what does this say about the “integrity”, “crediblity” and “honesty” of the ExBaba Domain (which is universally cited as a “credible” source by Ex-Devotees and critics of Sai Baba)?

The following screencap documents Reinier van der Sandt’s falsified and fraudulent “sexual abuse” claims against Gerald Moreno:

Relevant Text:
Publication date: February 22, 2010
By: Ex Baba Admin (Reinier van der Sandt)

Gerald Joe Moreno was abused by Sai Baba, but just like more of Baba’s victims, he refuses to see the event as an ‘abuse’, nevertheless, we know that this is a normal way to deal with such peculiar but nasty and dreadful actions that happen on male devotees in Puttaparthi or Bangalore, and so he just belongs to the group of abused victims of Sathya Sai Baba.

If he agrees or not, he was: sexually abused, and he knows what abuse is, because he admits that Sathya Sai Baba is in fact sexually abuse men, here in Moreno’s own words;

SSB did sexually abuse men.

On you can read more about how this works, Basava Premanand has a clear view on Moreno's situation.

Moreno is hopelessly trying refute the fact that he was abused, well, what initially happens with every abused victim actually and what must be seen as sexual abuse, happens on him too, here we may read that in his own words:

You see, the lower stomach lies in the area just above the male genitalia and by performing that ceremony - the trousers have to be lowered first - Sai Baba can easily get access just by looking at the the sexual organ, in order to measure up the format and state of the man's penis, this, we conclude, is already a sexual abuse !

Please take notice of Robert Priddy’s opinion on the abuse of Gerald Joe Moreno:

Important are these words Priddy writes: ‘Moreno did not perceive it as such, but few who go into the private room behind closed doors believing Sathya Sai Baba to be a divinity seldom do.

Additionally we may write down here, that Moreno might have changed the text in his advantage, which came from the original ‘Personal Geocities Website’ as he states, but which can’t be obtained, because the website isn’t there anymore.

From the above we may conclude that Gerald Joe Moreno was indeed sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba from India, which already happened on Joe’s 18th in 1988 !

Gerald Joe Moreno Was NEVER Sexually Abused By Sathya Sai Baba

Needless to say, Gerald Joe Moreno has been refuting Ex-Devotee’s repetitive “sexual molestation” libels going back to July 2006:

Gerald Joe Moreno’s GeoCities Webpages

Joe Moreno’s GeoCities webpages were online from late 2001 through October 27th 2009 (when GeoCities officially closed down). indexed Moreno’s GeoCities webpages from October 18th 2003 to March 8th 2008. Moreno had block his GeoCities website on October 21st 2009 due to screencap fraud perpetrated by Robert Priddy, Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson and Reinier van der Sandt.

Gerald Moreno published his interview experience (as duplicated from his GeoCities webpage) on his sathyasaibaba WordPress blog on May 1st 2008 (Reference) and made full screencaps to the page as well (Reference).

Reinier van der Sandt was the very first person who went about screencapturing Moreno’s GeoCities webpages in January 2005 and even published Moreno’s GeoCities picture on (which was deleted after a complaint filed by Moreno). Therefore, Reinier van der Sandt knew about and screencaptured Moreno’s GeoCities webpages from at least January 2005 through October 27th 2009 (the date when Geocities officially closed down). So when Reinier van der Sandt claimed that Moreno may have changed information on his GeoCities webpages, he is lying through his teeth.

Prior to the close of GeoCities, neither Conny Larsson, Robert Priddy or Reinier van der Sandt claimed that Moreno changed the information on his GeoCities webpages. Now that GeoCities closed, Reinier van der Sandt is claiming that Moreno may have changed information on his GeoCities webpages!

Since Conny Larsson & Robert Priddy claim to possess full screencaps to Moreno’s GeoCities webpages, why don’t they show where Moreno changed the text? The fact of the matter is that Larsson, Priddy & Sandt adamantly refuse to publish the full screencaps they claim they possess (despite an open challenge by Moreno) for reasons left unknown.

Renier van der Sandt Is A Known Con Man

It is an irrefutable fact that Reinier van der Sandt is a known fraud and a pathological liar. One small example (out of dozens): RFJ Sandt used numerous fake names on the former sathyasaibaba2 Yahoo Group. RFJ Sandt fully acknowledged using fake names and said:
Reinier Van Der Sandt: “Allright, you win, Joe (Gerald) Moreno is right... I have made these pages, and Joe is right, all the YAHOO ID’s and the IP are mine, I use them to show my view on the truth, but I will change this, in future I will be only using my name on these sites and the different ID’s will be deleted by me, ok?” (Reference)

The following list of fraudulent names were the ones used by RFJ van der Sandt on the former sathyasaibaba2 Yahoo Group (with which Sandt conversed with himself and even praised himself!):

  • sloppyjoemoreno (26 posts)

  • webmasterexbabacom (5 posts)

  • rvdsandt2003 (200 posts)

  • rvdsandt2004 (112 posts)

  • end_of_baba (12 posts)

  • rapistanddemonsathyasaibaba (336 posts)

  • neutral_individual (6 posts)

  • finddewittinthepizza (2 posts)

  • reiniervandersandt (298 posts)

  • reiniervdsandt (204 posts)

  • truthaboutbaba (42 posts)

This is the type of con-man that is trying to make the case that Joe Moreno was “sexually abused” by Sathya Sai Baba.

RFJ Sandt Admissions & Disturbing Views About Child Pornography

Reinier van der Sandt openly admitted to looking for child porn websites to see how easy they were to find! Reinier van der Sandt said (underlined emphasis added by Moreno):
Reinier Van Der Sandt: “I found lots of kiddy porno-sites with very much child porn pics, but..., but... it was impossible for me to watch it for very long, because when I was clicking on an image to enlarge, other pages were popping up so fast on my computer screen, that I could not open such a site, in fact, all kiddy porno sites - as what I have seen of it - have multi pop up techniques, which makes it difficult for the kiddy porno watcher to watch easily...” (Reference)

WHY would Reinier van der Sandt want to peruse any porn site and enlarge thumbnail pictures of children being sexually abused? Perhaps this has to do with RFJ Sand’s self-admission of having a pornography problem that settingcaptivesfree helped him overcome? As if this isn’t disgusting enough, R.V.D. Sandt said (underlined emphasis added by Moreno):
Reinier Van Der Sandt: “Only in the opening pages I saw some kiddy porn, when I wanted to continue and see more, I had to suscribe and/or pay.” (Reference)

Reinier vander Sandt tried to justify viewing illegal child porn sites by saying:
Reinier Van Der Sandt: “Internet kiddy porno can be obtained, I have to correct myself on what I was previously writing on this board, I have been looking for kiddy porn on the internet - NOT AS A CUSTOMER, BUT BECAUSE I WANTED TO FIND OUT WHETHER ONE CAN OBTAIN EASILY FILTHY KIDDIE PORNO!!!” (Reference)

Apparently Reinier Van Der Sandt found the “filthy kiddie porno” he sought. But that was not enough! RVD Sandt found lots of kiddie porno sites”, “wanted to continue and see more” and even tried to enlarge pictures of children being sexually abused! Reinier Van Der Sandt justified his behavior by saying what he did was alright because he was “not a customer”! RVD Sandt is saying it is OKAY to view child pornography as long as you are not a “customer”! The IWF specifically states that child pornography is illegal content!

This is the type of pervert that is trying to make the case that Joe Moreno was “sexually abused” by Sathya Sai Baba. Apparently, porn-addict Reinier van der Sandt is projecting his pornographic fantasies onto Moreno.

To Date: Pseudo-Moralists Barry Pittard and Robert Priddy adamantly refuse to say one word about Reinier Van Der Sandt’s admissions to viewing illegal child pornography, using fake names and having a pornography addiction.

ExBaba Sexual Abuse Libels - In Conclusion

The big question left unanswered:
What other sexual abuse allegations are Reinier van der Sandt, Robert Priddy, Barry Pittard, Alan Kazlev, Sanjay Dadlani, Tony O’Clery, Barbara Dent, UsedByBaba and the Ex-Baba Domain fabricating and falsifying against Sathya Sai Baba like they did against Moreno?

To Date: Not even one Anti-Sai Activist has come forward reprimanding Ex-Devotees for their fraudulent, falsified and gutter accusations against Moreno, proving that the Anti-Sai Movement is thoroughly corrupt and relies on fanatic devotion to an Anti-Sai agenda that is based on subterfuge, deceit and blatant dishonesty.

Critics like Timothy Conway, Serguei Badaev, Brian Steel, Andries Krugers Dagneaux, Lisa Tice, Hans de Kraker, Dennis Hanisch, David Lyons, Reidun Priddy, Al & Marisa Rahm, Barbara Shocket and Dhanyi Jo Sinclair, etc., publicly endorse these shameless liars and are thereby guilty through association and guilty through silence with those making fraudulent and falsified sexual abuse libels against Moreno.

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